Hundreds of Nigerian nationals are being repatriated to Nigeria from SA after anti-mass immigration violence

Watch Video: Free State Police officer refuses to serve a white Afrikaans member of the public in his language!

VIDEO: Jules Street, Malvern, JHB – After Years of “Struggle” to Conquer SA, Black South Africans Violently Say No To Enforced Mass Immigration, Still Everyone Ignores Them. SA on the brink!

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The national rail system of SA is in serious trouble – PRASA had nearly 50 collisions and Transnet had nearly 1,000 last year alone! The ANC have some serious explaining to do and is is not Jan van Riebeeck or apartheid’s fault, but lack of maintenance!

Attacks on elderly more and more brutal each week – Elderly woman’s face crushed in after savage farm attack in Free State

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